There are a lot of BUSTED fitness myths you must know. This will be a short post, a list of the top 10 fitness-related myths that need to be busted so people can stop believing in them!
Sports and fitness are the most actual topics of today. The rates of recreational and amateur sportsmen and women have tripled in the last 10 years. With that also on the rise are the false myths surrounding these topics. We are here to put a stop to some of the most common fitness myths you must know.

1- Training inflammation.

The most common fitness myth is that your training is only considered effective if you get muscle inflammation the other day.
BUSTED. The pain you feel is not caused by effective workouts it is caused by micro-trauma of the muscle fibers.

This will be a short post, a list of the top 10 fitness-related myths that need to be busted so people can stop believing in them!
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2- Stretching.

Stretching helps your inflammation.
BUSTED. This is also not true, stretching is only necessary to relax your muscles it does not play a factor in inflammation.

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3- Effort and results.

The longer the effort, the higher the results, this is one of the common fitness myths.
BUSTED. The most important factor is the quality of the workout not the duration of it.

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4- The schedule of workout.

Here is another BUSTED fitness myth. You should workout every day of the week.
BUSTED. On the contrary, it is highly recommended that you work out every second day because your body and your muscles need rest time.

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5- Workout for women, a sexist Common fitness myth.

Intense workouts are making women look bigger.
–BUSTED. Absolutely not! The intense workouts are what form your body posture and make you look beautiful and fit.

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6- Workout and diet.

If you workout, it is not important what you consume or eat.
BUSTED. The results you want to see, all those fitness models in featured covers of magazines have achieved their bodies with a strong diet regime.

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7- Does clothes make you burn more calories?

If you workout with more clothes, the more calories you will burn.
BUSTED. There are workout clothes for a reason. It is not good for your skin to workout with extra and unnecessary clothes on you. Light clothes are enough.

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8- workout plan.

The workout plan that my friends have can help me too.
BUSTED. Every workout plan and the regime is individual, it is made for one person. That is why it is recommended that you consult with a personal trainer for your workout plan.

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9- The best way to see your progress.

The scale is the measure for your workouts.
BUSTED. The scale no, but you can use a meter to measure your waist, that is the best way to see your progress.

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10- Targeting fat loss.

In the first phase, you lower your weight at the most problematic body parts.
BUSTED. In the first phase of your workout, you usually lose weight in places where it is least necessary,

This last one is the common BUSTED fitness myth.

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