If you happen to find yourself feeling envious or even amazed at other people for their great success, you need to stop and turn your envy to motivation. Stop and start becoming one of those people!

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Envy to motivation?

For starters, you are not aware of how somebody has made it to where he is. It is not all as it seems to be, sometimes you must imagine that successful people just got lucky and hit the jackpot. We overlook that that same person may have actually bled for his place and put hours and hours of work into his craft. You too can do the same things, even more, if you start to work on yourself more than the person you want to be.

First things first. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop whining about what other people have and you do not. If somebody looks better than you it is his advantage, instead of being an expert in other people’s advantages find your own. What makes you better than others? What do you love to do? Find it and hold on to it. and finally, turn that envy into motivation.

Start facing yourself

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Instead of envying people for what and who they are you should turn your envy to motivation and ask yourself these questions:

  • What do they have and I want?
  • What makes me admire them?
  • How they got to where they are?
  • How are any of those things related to my system of values?
  • Am I willing to sacrifice who I am for what I will become?

Thinking about these questions will invoke an introspection and you will start facing yourself. You will find yourself slowly revealing your hopes and fears.

It is necessary to break your own vicious thought cycle of comparing yourself to other people and turn that envy into congratulating that individual that he has it going in his life. Admiring somebody and envying are actually things that reveal the same thing. What we value the most. When we become aware of what we value and what we hold important as a goal we will then better position our lives and start to mold our future towards those goals. Especially, turn jealousy into motivation.


So instead of being a jealous person use that envy to fuel yourself and go in the direction the person you admire went. Do research, don’t sleep until you achieve your goal. Use the shine of others to find your own personality shine. Next time when you envy somebody, turn the tables, admire him, and turn your envy to motivation. After that, think about these questions:

  • What qualities of this person are admiring to me?
  • How does my reflection of these qualities make me different than him/her?
  • What can I learn from my wishes to have those qualities?

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