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Over the Seasons, the fashion of the house evolves with the emergence and disappearance of certain trends. Far from being content to follow a single path, the decoration likes to multiply inspirations to meet a wide spectrum of desires and expectations. Some advocate the return to a vintage and authentic style with the highlighting of the tartan, for example. Others prefer to approach their interiors with simplicity and minimalism to make the void and wrap themselves in a peaceful atmosphere. Colors and materials also waltz according to the fashions. Pink and warm colors have the wind in their sails and come in different forms in the house. Discover 12 trends to imagine an interior in the air of time.

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Linked to the aspirations of the moment, the trends of the house say a lot about the evolutions of the behaviors and the way to apprehend his house or his new apartment. In an often turbulent environment, its interior is a refuge that it is gentle to find. Well-being is a permanent quest. In order to create a real cocoon, carpets multiply on the floor, the bathroom takes on a spa look for a relaxing moment, the kitchen opens up to the rest of the house for moments of conviviality. No matter the tastes and colors, the decoration is neat to be thought as close as possible to your personality. An essential point for Kaufman & Broad which offers you, through its showrooms, places of inspiration and advice according to your desires.

12. The tartan is imposing in the house :

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Coming straight from the Celtic countries, the tartan creates the surprise in the house. With its reassuring tiles on wool fabrics, it has the ability to blend into an authentic decor as in a contemporary universe. In a classic color palette, tartan brings a traditional touch all over the house.

11. Chic materials are popular :

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In connection with the great Art Deco trend, elegant materials can be found in every room of the house. Marble, brass, stone or velvet are just some of the ways to make a chic note on a table, kitchen or living room. Materials that can be worked sparingly on accessories but also with an assumed style on furniture.

10. The patterns have fun on the ground :

Photo by Four Lions from Pinterest  

Since the fashion of cement tiles, the floor becomes a real playground for decoration lovers. It’s fun to cover this space with graphic prints for a contemporary style or a cover with quirky patterns for a singular character. 

9. The bathroom is a comfort and well-being room :

Photo by Katie Martinez Design from Pinterest  

From coatings to sanitary ware, taps, colours and accessories, the bathroom is a true refuge in the home. It is no longer just functional, it becomes a place of pleasure and relaxation. The light tones have a nice touch and the soft materials are present.

8. Craft is at the heart of the house :

Photo by The Lane from Pinterest

Influenced by wabi-sabi fashion, which promotes a simple and imperfect aesthetic, the house highlights handcrafted tableware, a raw wood table or hand-woven baskets. Within a contemporary interior, these authentic touches tell a story. Unique elements carefully chosen for a house like no other.

7. With PVC floors the possibilities are many! :

Photo by Wonen from Pinterest 

PVC floors have the advantage of imitating many decorations to meet all styles and desires. According to tastes and ideas, they set the tone in the room. A floor like parquet, concrete or cement tiles… The possibilities are many! In order to advise you in the choice of suitable soil, Kaufman & Broad accompanies you in the purchase of a new apartment with a customization Coach in order to imagine a tailor-made project.

6. The kitchen is at the heart of the house :

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A real living room, the kitchen is no longer relayed at the end of a corridor. It imposes itself among the favorite spaces of the house with the idea of a warm place. On a daily basis, the kitchen is a room where you prepare good dishes, where you have a coffee and even where you work. At the time of receiving, the kitchen allows to enjoy its guests during the last preparations. It often opens onto the living room and dining room to be visible to all.

5. Pink is no longer reserved for girls :

Photo by VTwonen from Pinterest  

Since the fashion of crafts, raw materials and the return of related tones, the terracotta always seduces and has caused a real craze for the rose. A color left to the abandonment in the decoration and that comes back to life with different shades. The rose evokes softness and is assimilated to the family of browns to stay in a natural style.

4. Carpets dress the floor of the house :

Photo by Jacqueline Coleman from Pinterest  

In a simple range with braided natural fiber carpets, a spirit elsewhere through Berber models or a contemporary style with designs with graphic prints, the carpets come in infinity. They adapt to all interiors and bring a dose of comfort. They also dress the floor to give it character.

3. The dressing room imposes itself in the room :

Photo by Oracle Fox from Pinterest  

A time reserved for large volumes, the dressing room is widespread today. Everyone can imagine a space dedicated to their business according to their needs and the constraints of the place. From the simple improvised wardrobe to a real organized room, the dressing room hides multiple options of fitting.

2. The classic style reassures :

Photo by Seline Steba from Pinterest  

Inspired by country houses with timeless charm, the authentic trend settles in the decoration. In the kitchen, the furniture reflects the codes of a reassuring and classic style revisited with raw materials, an appliance with retro lines and antique accessories.

1. A minimalist is a path to follow to have peaceful spirit in the house :

Photo by Lonny from Pinterest  

In search of a peaceful spirit in his apartment, minimalism is a path to follow. It calls for a new approach to its interior with a necessary sorting and layout reduced to essential. Sobriety is essential for a pleasant decoration to live.

the fashion of the house evolves with the emergence and disappearance of certain trends. the decoration likes to multiply inspirations. vintage and authentic style, simplicity and minimalism, peaceful atmosphere, Discover 12 trends to imagine an interior in the air of time.

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